Mozart babysitting the kids

Mozart is a character from Meerkat Manor as Flower's "Caring Daughter". She was first shown babysiting Flower's pups, and her pups. She gave birth, and Flower allowed her to raise them. Mozart then got evicted from Flower along with Tosca. Mozart had her courage and was allowed back in the group. Mozart would often babysit. After she rejoined the Whiskers, she mated with a roving male. Mozart then gave birth again ,but this time, Flower killed her pups and evicted Mozart. Mozart rejoined the Whiskers again ,and gave birth. Flower allowed her pups to live. Mozart did get evicted again. Mozart once again gave birth. Flower killed the pups and evicted Mozart. This time, she did not join the group. Mozart had formed her own group, the Starsky. Mozart took dominance and mated with Carlos. But her vicious cousin, Kinkajou, killed Mozart's pups and rudely stole dominance from Mozart. Mozart was once again a subordinate female. Then, the group died out when Carlos died of a bite. Mozart, De La Soul(also Whoopie) and Kinkajou were the only ones left.Whoopie disappeared,and Kinkajou died in her sleep. Mozart was the group's soul survivor. Then,Wilson found her, and they stayed together. But, after a fire, Wilson left Mozart alone, and Mozart was sadly killed by a jackal.

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Mozart's Personality: Careing, Sweet.

Favorite thing to do: Babysit

Favorite Color: Purple

Crush: Wilson

Mozart likes Romance too.