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Kinkaju is a character from Meerkat Manor. She was first seen stealing Mitch, and was shown sneezing in the first season. She wasn't really seen much till season 3. In season 2,s he was shown babysitting Flower's pups. Kinkaju was also seen with Dasiy and Mozart when they returned home late. Kinkaju then was shown in the Starsky. Mozart was about to become leader, till she gave birth. Ruthless Kinkaju killed Mozart's pups and assumed leadership. She often left behind Mozart. Then,she, Whoopie, and Mozart were the last members. Whoopie disappeared, and Kinagou died in her sleep. Mozart was the soul surviver.

Kinagou's personality: Playful

Crush: Carols

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite thing to do :Playfighting

She also likes to kill.

Role Playing Edit